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5,800-year-old tree (the Amazon’s oldest) cut down by illegal loggers trespassing on protected tribal land

A 5,800-year-old tree has been cut down by loggers illegally encroaching into the Matsés Indigenous Reserve, an area where logging is illegal but potentially holds huge reserves of oil and gas below ground.

Amazon's oldest tree chopped down by loggers

The logging firms claim it was an accident and they didn’t realise either where they were or how old the tree was. The giant Samauma tree is over 5,800 years old and 40 meters high.

The Matsés tribe called it “The Mother Tree”, so long has it been a fixture in the lives of them and their ancestors. No punishment has been given to the logging company involved, suggesting the local authorities may not be on nature’s side or that of the native people.

Within 20 years the speed at which the rainforest is being cut down in the Amazon has more than tripled, at 100 acres destroyed every minute, with most of the lost forest becoming pasture for cattle or to grow soy.

Protecting nature’s always pretty down the list in terms of priorities when war and famine are rife around the world, but this is still probably one of the ugliest man-made issues we’re committing on earth right now, and it’s one that could be solved fairly easily with the right controls and guidance.

Remember, the Amazon is the most dangerous place in the world for environmental activists, which shows how vicious, lawless and powerful the logging firms are around there.


Rio de Janeiro’s favela drug-dealer extermination squad “BOPE” has its own Twitter feed…

BOPE, Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais, (lit: Special Police Operations Battalion) is a special forces unit of the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. Its tactics were made well-known in cinemas worldwide with the smash-hit Tropa de Elite and its sequel.

And BOPE has a crazy Twitter feed featuring pictures of all of the guns, drugs and money it’s confiscated from the favelas.

Guns, bullets, binoculars and grenades

BOPE seized an AK47, 5 grenades, 647 AK47 rounds, 133 rounds of .40 ammunition and $R31,920 (about US$20,000)
BOPE seized an AK47, five grenades, 647 AK47 rounds, 133 rounds of .40 ammunition and $R31,920 (about US$20,000).

BOPEThe official BOPE badge is a skull with a dagger stabbed through it and two guns behind its head.

BOPE’s former police leader is awaiting trial accused of the torture and murder of a street-protester, whose body has never been found and has been presumed dumped in the jungle. Confidence in BOPE is at a low.

Cocaine, radio transmitters and ammo
Cocaine, radio transmitters and ammo

The current police leader, Commissioner Sa, said today it’s getting a handle on crime, even though murders are rising in Rio de Janeiro.

Weed, cocaine, guns and ammo

He said: “A logo do bope pode parecer com o que usam os grupos de extermínio, mas isso é coincidencia.” (“The BOPE logo might look similar to one used by a death squad, but this is a coincidence.”)

"BOPE just apprehended two men with drugs."
“BOPE just apprehended two men with drugs.”

He continued: “The BOPE is a special, tactical squad, like a SWAT team, prepared for the most dangerous situations. The image is meant to signify they may have to face the possibility of their own death and overcome that, not to celebrate killing.”

Five blocks of weed and two gallons of ether.
Five blocks of weed and two gallons of ether.
400 pounds of weed, five pounds of base paste and 3,358 bags of cocaine.
400 pounds of weed, five pounds of base paste and 3,358 bags of cocaine.
Bags of AK47 rounds
Bags of AK47 rounds