The city built on the side of a valley: Belo Horizonte’s ridiculously steep residential streets

It’s difficult to take a photograph of a hill that perfectly captures its gradient. But if you level the camera with the street you can let the new angle of the buildings show it for you…

The steep hills of Belo Horizonte

The hills of Belo Horizonte are ridiculous. As the city has spread out its property-developers have had to be inventive about housing, considering the city is surrounded by steep folds of mountainous valleysides.

The steep hills of Belo Horizonte
I’m going to write a separate article about the unbelievable level of security Brazilians like to have – this apartment block looks like a prison.

That leads to steep roads like the one seen in these images. Car-tyres screech and smoke as they skid downwards and residents near enough collapse walking to the top of these streets.

The steep hills of Belo Horizonte

Steep hills surround Belo Horizonte’s city centre, and chic, wealthy neighbourhoods such as Savassi and Funcionários lie at the bottom of these valleys. 

The steep hills of Belo HorizonteDuring heavy rain-storms water flows downhill, and just a few weeks ago downtown Belo Horizonte was completely flooded following two days of heavy rain, which led to cars bobbing around like rubber ducks.


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