Brazil 2014 World Cup tourists will spend a billion reais (£278,000,000) in Rio de Janeiro alone

World Cup Tourists will spend up to a billion reais in Rio de Janeiro alone on transport, hotels and attractions
WORLD CUP SPENDING: Tourists will spend R$6.7bn at the World Cup – Spending projection for visitors, in millions.

Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism predicts Brazil 2014 World Cup tourists will spend R$1bn (£280m, US$451m) during their stay in Rio de Janeiro.

Visitors to Sao Paulo are expected to spend R$700m (£190m, US$310m). The cities that will reap the least from tourists are expected to be Curitiba, Cuiaba and Manaus, where visitors can expect to spend around R$300m (£90m, US$130m).

That’s just in-country spending, so only includes money spent on hotels, transport, restaurants, shopping and attractions – flights to get here and World Cup game tickets are extra expenses.

3.7 million foreign and Brazilian tourists are expected to be in transit during the World Cup, and the Ministry of Tourism expects 80 per cent of World Cup tourists will visit at least one other city whilst they’re here.

Altogether it expects R$6.7bn will be spent in Brazil during the World Cup, which gives an average spend of R$1,800 (£485, US$800) for each tourist. You can spend R$1,800 on a night out here in Brazil, easy.

If my maths is wrong, please let me know, because that seems pretty reasonable, doesn’t it? Especially given the talk in foreign and national media of sky-high hotel bills and the incredible prices revealed in the “Surreal – NAO PAGUE” groups for Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. And those prices are before the price-gouging tactics expected by restaurant-owners and hoteliers.

32 reais (£8.50) for not even a pint of Fuller's in a Brazilian bar.

The photo above shows 32 reais (£8.50, US$15) for not even a pint of Fuller’s in a bar in Belo Horizonte, so I hope the foreign tourists like Brahma…


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