Brazilian advertising posters for beer, cosmetics, planes and from 1890 to 1939

A look through some Brazilian advertisements from 1900 to 1939 for fortification medicines, air-travel, Antartica beer, a kid’s almanac that rips off Mickey and Minnie Mouse, baby milk-powder, cigarettes, hats, stockings and cold medicine.

These Brazilian adverts are interesting as they reveal some of the preoccupations, dreams and lifestyle choices of wealthy Brazilians at the turn of the 1900’s until the Second World War. Illness, travel, drinking, smoking and looking good are all focused upon, suggesting that some appeals remain universal.

Farinha Lactea Nestle (1916) is a now-controversial ad for baby milk-powder, in which a newborn baby is being fed Nestle’s “Milk Flour” substitute in its bottle:

Farinha Lactea Nestle

The creepiest ad is this one for Bromil cough medicine, in which the devil pours a drink as Death creeps in the background. The tagline is “The death of death”, whatever that means:

Bromil cough medicine

Antartica beer and Guarana soda are both still sold in Brazil to this day:

Guarana Antartica beer

Pan-Air’s “Brazilian Clipper”: Notice how the planes go right along Brazil’s coast, cutting in only once to the Amazonian city of Manaus:

Pan-Air Brazilian Clipper

Instantina’s little cough-mints in a Tintin-esque cartoon style. The tagline is “If it’s Bayer it’s good”:

Instantina cough medicine

Quinddo Constantino being sold as a liquor, a medicine, a tonic and good for the constitution, but probably actually just some of sweet sherry:


Mousseline Tights: These tights will make you look sophisticated in any scenario, even if you’re just reading a book in a tree:

Mousseline tights

Almanach do o Tico-Tico: This kid’s almanac from 1936 is ripping off Mickey and Minnie Mouse:

Almanach do O Tico-Tico 1936

Biotonico Fontoura: This ad doesn’t even show the product, just a couple of hyper-futuristic swimsuit-wearers looking up at the latest technological advance, the aeroplane:

BIOTONICA FONTOURA fortification medicine

PS. Why don’t we have “fortifying drinks” anymore? Are Red Bull and Vitamin-Water the modern equivalents?

Brunette hat-sellers in Sao Paulo:


And finally, La Reine Veado (translated: “The queen deer”, a pun on “Reindeer”), the “chic” cigarette:

La Reine Veado cigarettes


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