Brazil to lower tax on micro-beers from 25 per cent to 13 per cent

Brazil is about to sign a bill lowering the tax for micro-breweries producing hand-made artisanal beers from 25 per cent to 13 per cent. Micro-breweries will qualify for the tax if they produce less than 50,000 litres of beer a month.

The current rate of tax on mass-produced beers like Brahma and Skol is about 56 per cent, according to this website. Three mega-drinks corporations have tied up the market in Brazil, with all of the major brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Guaraná and Heineken under their banner, so this should alleviate that stranglehold just a little.

Champagne is taxed at 59 per cent in Brazil, a handgun at 72 per cent and make-up at 56 per cent, so the Brazilian government gets a nice little cut from the average night out on the town…


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