Green eggs and orange birds in Belo Horizonte’s Mercado Central

If you’re visiting Belo Horizonte for the first time you must visit the city’s Mercado Central.

Aside from being able to buy everything you could possibly ever want from there (from bodybuilding shakes to pigeons to bottles made from bull’s feet), it has loads of cool bars serving cold beers and the pork and beans mix Feijoada and the bacon, egg and pork delight Feijão Tropeiro.

You’ll see green eggs and orange birds.Green eggs and ham in Brazil

If you fancy taking a peacock home, now’s your chance! You can buy peacocks at Belo Horizonte's Mercado Central

You can buy Brazil’s version of Johnnie Walker, João Andante (literally, “John Walker”), Cachaça (Sugar-cane alcohol used to make Caipirinhas) from Minas Gerais. Joao Andante whiskey,  Portuguese for Johnnie Walker


You can buy the colourful fruit that cashew nuts come from.

What cashew fruit looks like

You can see cute puppies biting ears.

Puppy biting another puppy's ear

And so many pastel-coloured Brazilian birds.

Cool multi-coloured birds in Belo Horizonte's Mercado Central




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