Brazil labels marketing to children an “abusive practice”, bans it completely

Brazil’s National Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (Conanda) unanimously passed Resolution 163 this week, declaring that targeting children with advertising with the intent of persuading them to consume a product or buy a service is an essentially “abusive practice”, and now banned.  

Commercial advertisements in print, TV, radio and electronic media, plus packaging, promotions, product placement in kid’s shows are all banned for kids under 12 and restricted for 12-18-year-olds.

The ban also takes in marketing communication within nurseries and schools, including the sponsorship of school uniforms and learning materials. Only advertising aimed at educating children about good nutrition, safety, education, health and other aspects of children’s social development will be allowed.

Brazil’s National Council for Food and Nutrition Security (CONSEA) welcomed the ban, stating that advertising aimed at children is intrinsically related to rising obesity levels in Brazilian children.

Little Brazilian girl drinking a full bottle of Coca-cola


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