How to make Brazilian Feijoada

Feijoada is a black-bean dish cooked in a big stew with all of the parts of a pig you can think of (Salted ears, salted trotters, salted belly, tails, back fat, snouts, faces).

It take around eight hours to slow-cook it in a pressure-cooker, which means time for a few caipirinhas, and it’s served with rice, greens and farofa, the crunchy fried manioc (yucca) flour.

You’ll often see Brazilians taking their sweet time serving themselves from the pot, picking out those good cuts of bacon and pork and sausage, skipping the bones and snout and trotters.

Here’s Jamie Oliver’s recipe he got “from his mate Santos, the potwasher at his restaurant“. Despite the fact he admits it’s his mate’s mum’s recipe, he’s got a big copyright notice above the instructions of what is a classic Brazilian dish. God, I hate Jamie Oliver’s management team.


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