180,000 Brazilians agree the 2014 World Cup is a disaster for Brazil

A Brazilian super-blogger called Cauê Moura has produced a video (“FODE-SE A COPA” = F**K THE WORLD CUP) explaining why he’s hoping the 2014 Brazilian World Cup will be a disaster. The video has 180,000 “likes” and has been watched 750,000 times. 

He’s talking in Portuguese so I’ve written out his main arguments against the World Cup. It’s worth a read if you’re sitting at home in Europe wondering what Brazilians really think of the World Cup coming to Brazil.

Moura explains that in the 80s Brazil tried to host the World Cup under the last dictatorship of General Figueiredo. Its request was denied because it didn’t have the necessary structure in place. Fast-forward to 2014 and the authorities presumably believe Brazil now has the structure in place. Moura sarcastically notes how everyone in Brazil now has access to a good education and health services.

Moura says Brazilians were told most of the money was supposed to come from private companies, and not the public purse. Instead, tens of billions of dollars have been spent out of tax revenue for what is a private competition benefiting private businesses and foreign sponsors. That money could have been spent on schools and hospitals, but the Brazilian government doesn’t care about that.

Moura says the police are going to attack anyone that tries to protest this wasteful spending with tear-gas and rubber bullets.

Moura says gringoes (foreigners) think they are going to come to Brazil and enjoy themselves with a Morena (dark-haired girl) at the bars. He says foreigners will see the violence and the country’s problems and when they go home they will tell everyone that Brazil is a living Hell (Inferno).

Moura says FIFA and the Brazilian government are trying to paint a very different image of Brazil, a more positive one in which building the most expensive stadium in the world is justified. And they’re paying German advertising companies to do it. They’re not even paying Brazilian companies to advertise how good Brazil is.

Moura says this is the worst crime in Brazil’s history. FIFA – a private company – is ordering the Brazilian government around and forcing in tougher laws to get its way. Moura mentions tougher laws introduced with FIFA’s demands to evict favela tenants by force from the homes they have lived in for more than 20 years.  Moura says the lives of those in the favelas will not improve. They will be forced out because the World Cup will make the land they live on more valuable in the future.

Moura says the government argument is that the 2014 World Cup won’t make life better immediately, but in the long-term future. Moura argues against this by citing the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, in which nothing changed for the poor people of the country, despite billions being spent out of the public purse.

Moura says millions are still being spent by South African taxpayers to maintain stadiums that will never be profitable again. Just like the new stadium in the Brazilian city of Manaus, ten hours away by plane from Rio de Janeiro and completely landlocked by jungle. Moura mentions that Brazilian workers have been killed on World Cup projects due to poor organisation.

Moura says he won’t be supporting Brazil because he doesn’t want to be complicit in corruption. He says if Brazilians want to volunteer for a private company (FIFA is asking for in-country volunteers to help out during matches) which profits in seconds more than the average Brazilian will ever make in their lifetime, go ahead. But people should be rebelling against it, if they have any sense.

Moura also says the environmental impact of the World Cup completely negates any progress made in cutting carbon emissions with the Kyoto Agreement.

The video only has 3,000 “dislikes”, so make your own mind up on whether the majority of Brazilians agree with Moura or not.


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